Tamuritzan Concert

The performance by the Tamburitzans this past weekend was fantastic, drew a crowd of almost 700, and gave an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end. Thanks to everyone (especially Rebecca Fiorni) who made that night possible!

Annual Meeting 2017

Every year the parish holds an annual meeting to report on the status of the parish and vote on important decisions. Here are a few photos from the event.

Canon of St Andrew

It is customary in the Orthodox Church during the first week of Lent (called Clean Week) to serve the canon of St. Andrew of Crete. Archbishop Michael joined the parish on Thursday of that week to help Father Matthew pray the canon with the faithful of the parish.

Father Matthew Bakes Prosphora with Father Terry

Every Divine Liturgy a special loaf of bread is offered together with the wine on the altar. This bread is called prosphora, a Greek word meaning "that which is offered". This bread is stamped with a seal which impresses words and symbols representing Christ, the Virgin Mary, the saints, living members of the community, and departed loves ones. Father Matthew teams up with Father Terry, the priest at Holy Assumption in Clifton, one of our sister parishes to bake a large batch of bread for the upcoming weeks. Want to learn how to bake prosphora? Let father Matthew know and you can join in next time.

Holy Apostle's Celebrates Veterans Day

A special blessing and prayer was given to the veterans of our parish (Leonard Davis, Yuri Metelow, John Hoc, and Ray Obssuth) and a Panikhida (memorial) was served for all the departed veterans of this nation. God bless America and God bless our troops.

Holy Apostles joins Holy Assumption for the Feast of the Dormition

In keeping with previous years Holy Apostles joined its sister parish Holy Assumption in Clifton for the Feast of the Dormition (falling-asleep) of Our Lady the Theotokos on August 15th. Archbishop Michael presided at both Vespers on the eve of the Feast and the Liturgy the day of.  Father Matthew of Holy Apostles concentrated with Father Terry, the Rector of Holy Assumption, and other diocesan clergy. Vespers on the eve, was particularly well attended with over 70 people in attendance due to the tonsuring of a reader, Christopher Chase. Parishioners from Holy Apostles, Holy Assumption, and Holy Resurrection in Wayne. Flowers were also blessed at the service as is customary for the feast.